Terms & Conditions


All shipments MUST be addressed to your FULL REGISTERED NAME. Point To Point Parcel is NOT responsible for packages that do not include your FULL REGISTERED NAME. (see Improperly Addressed Shipments below)

Email notifications are a courtesy and are not guaranteed and do not excuse storage being accrued.  Please make sure to add the following two email addresses (info@p2pparcel.com and register@p2pparcel.com) to your safe senders list in your email program and your contacts list.


Unless special arrangements are made, we expect all incoming packages to be picked up within 14 days of their arrival. Packages left over this time limit will be charged at the rate of $0.30 per package per day. Any parcel needing additional storage AFTER BEING SIGNED OUT will be charged a $ 10.00 a week (size depending) fee per package.  To avoid any extra fees, please pick up your shipments in a timely manner.


Any package received clearly marked perishable on the outside of the shipment will be disposed by Point To Point Parcel if not picked up within 14 days of arriving. Point To Point Parcel will not be held responsible for replacement value of the goods disposed off if they are not picked up within the 14 days.

Abandoned Goods

All packages unclaimed after 60 days will be considered as abandoned and will be removed from the premises. Point to Point Parcel Inc will make every reasonable effort to advise the “Registered Receiver”. After 60 days the parcels will be opened and at the discretion of Point to Point Parcel they will be either destroyed or sold to recover our costs EXCEPT for Online Sellers that use Point To Point as their return address for their online sales. You will be expected to pay for any disposal charges. The disposal rate is a MINIMUM of .25 cents per pound. However, oversized items will be advised of the total charges.

Carton and Packaging Material

We will accept cartons and packaging materials for disposal at the rate of $1.00 per box. Oversize boxes will be quoted to you for the additional cost. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY PACKAGING MATERIALS INCLUDING BOXES AND DISPOSE OF THEM ANYWHERE IN POINT ROBERTS, WA FOR THAT IS ILLEGAL AND YOU COULD GET CONVICTED AND THIS MAY AFFECT YOUR ABILITY TO CROSS THE BORDER INTO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Whatcom County RCW for unlawful to dump trash: RCW70.95.240

Fire and Theft

While we operate from a facility with a monitored security system, Point to Point Parcel Inc will not be held responsible for any loss through theft, fire, flood or other natural disaster.

Illegal Goods or Activities

Point to Point Parcel Inc will fully cooperate with all law enforcement agencies including US Customs and Immigration. Should we become aware of any possible illegal goods or activity through our normal operations, it will be reported to the applicable law enforcement agencies.

Improperly Addressed Shipments

Packages arriving without a “Receiver Name” may be opened by our staff to determine ownership. Packages may also be opened if, in the normal course of handling any package that is expected of containing any dangerous or illegal goods. However, some couriers do not allow us to open the packages, so therefore those will be returned to the sender the same day received.


If you wish to refuse a parcel - please notify us in advance of receiving your parcel or please reply to our email we send you the same day to refuse the parcel and the depot fees will be waived. However, If you should request refusal of your parcel after the receiving day we will still refuse your parcel but you will be required to still pay the standard receiving fees.

NOTE: Returns to UPS and USPS we have up to 2 weeks, however please note Fed-Ex will only allow 3 days from date of receipt to refuse a parcel.